City To City - "Drawdown"

AV Installation


    – Modena 11 May 2024
    Municipality of Modena Music Center

    Enghien-les-Bains (FR ) June 12-14
    Meeting of the Creative Cities of Media Arts

Drawdown is the outcome of the City to City project by Unesco Media Arts (ed. 2023) which involved two artists: the media artist from Austin (Texas), Lisa B Woods and the Italian composer Riccardo La Foresta.


The work is the result of an artistic collaboration that lasted three months and invites us to reflect on environmental issues and the excessive exploitation of natural resources, in particular the excessive exploitation of aquifers.


Lisa B Woods’ visuals are inspired by the aesthetics of landscape. The artist uses satellite images of circular fields to draw attention to how center-pivot irrigation systems are depleting fossil water reserves around the world.


Riccardo La Foresta’s composition for “Drawdown” is cinematic and dramatic, characterized by echoes and imparting a sense of gravity and urgency.