SONICHE plays CHANGES by Ellen Arkbro

12 November 2023 final concert of the "Changes" residency

  • DATE
    November 12, 2023
    Modena | Tower
    via Antonio Morandi, 71
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During the evening, the result of “Changes” will be presented as a preview, the work created by Ellen Arkbro, a Swedish composer living in Berlin, for the artistic residency of the same name coordinated by Riccardo La Foresta. The selected musicians participated in this project: Caroline Halleck, Leonardo Melchionda, Giacomo Zanus, Renato Grieco and Thomas Canna.


Ellen Arkbro has distinguished herself on the international scene by working on the border between electronic synthesis and instrumental composition, investigating the spatiality of sound and the relationship with architecture, in particular through the use of the organ.


“Changes” is a project promoted by Centro Musica di Modena within the Sonda Music Sharing – Super(So)Niche project and activities linked to Modena Creative City Unesco Media Arts.”


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