• DATE
    Sunday 15 May at 8.30pm
    Pavarotti Municipal Theater – Freni
  • LINK

The Altro Suono festival continues on Sunday 15 May at 8.30pm with the premiere of the new multimedia performance by Klaus Obermaier, an internationally renowned artist presented by the Teatro Comunale of Modena in the context of Modena UNESCO City of Media Arts. The show follows “FACELESS_VOICELESS”, presented in 2017 at the MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, and will see Obermaier interpreter of a new immersive creation created through the live interaction between sound, movement, gesture, voice and images.

The work is part of an ever-expanding series resulting from many years of artistic research. The artist’s interest was aimed in particular at non-verbal communication achieved through facial expressions, body language and paralanguage and the human body as an interface between the real and the virtual, as an object of constant redefinition and reinvention. Another series of works instead makes use of more abstract generative computer graphics, with electronic soundscapes that use various techniques – physical simulations, 3D rendering, live cameras – interacting with sounds and gestures in real time. The musical creation is the result of a system that uses different components such as synthesizers and sound generators of various kinds. Many sounds and images are created and manipulated live by the artist on stage.