Immersive New Year's Eve

electronic music and art with the artist Robert Henke.

  • DATE

    December 31, 2023


    Modena – Piazza Sant’Agostino

31 December 2023: appointment on Sunday evening at 11pm in Piazza Sant’Agostino with the music and lasers of the audiovisual show “20232024” by the German artist Robert Henke.

An unprecedented multimedia performance curated by NODE Festival in which each note is at the same time light and sound and is composed by creating a show in dialogue with the place in which it takes place.

Henke, also known as Monolake, is acclaimed as one of the leading innovators in contemporary music production. From the beginning of his career, he has expertly intertwined sound experimentation and computer programming, combining the role of artist with that of sound engineer who personally designs and builds his own instruments.

Ten very high precision lasers, operated by the artist himself, will create shapes, objects and textures on the sheet covering the façade of the former Sant’Agostino hospital, ideally uniting it to the Palazzo dei Musei and giving life to a monumental projection of over 80 metres.

Event promoted by the Municipality of Modena and curated by NODE, with the support of the Modena Foundation and in collaboration with Ago Modena Fabbriche Culturali.