Nothing is as it seems

  • DATE
    13.05.22 – 30.09.22
    Nuovo Diurno di piazza Mazzini e al Laboratorio aperto
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From Friday 13 May, at the Nuovo Diurno in Piazza Mazzini and at the Open Laboratory, the interactive exhibition that investigates the mechanisms of perception of reality.

Can we trust our senses? And does technology make reality clearer or contribute to confusing it with fiction? “Illusion: nothing is as it seems”, the interactive exhibition that investigates how perception supports our way of seeing, feeling, think and understand the world, showing us how what we perceive, however, is often radically different from reality.

Produced by the Science Gallery of Ireland and Trinity College Dublin with OpificioInnova, “Illusion: nothing is as it seems”, which has already been exhibited in Sardinia, will be set up in Modena in collaboration with the Municipality, as part of the Modena initiatives Unesco creative city for media arts, and with the Laboratory open, and will be open to visitors until September 30th.