Francesco Jodice | SAVE YOUR SELFIE

  • DATE
    20 April – 29 September 2024
    Ago Modena Cultural Factories
    Largo Porta di Sant’Agostino 228, Modena
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The project by Francesco Jodice on the façade of AGO Modena Fabbriche Culturali
Fifth chapter | Come and See

The new exhibition by Francesco Jodice which tells of present and future imaginaries of the city through the eyes of the new generations, with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Fifteen girls and boys, between 15 and 19 years old, are the protagonists of the project, they portrayed themselves with the help of Francesco Jodice. Subsequently, through artificial intelligence, they placed their selfies in a virtual reality scenario – a post-atomic city, a comic book, a comfortable interior, a video game setting. The images thus composed tell the story of some of the reference imaginaries of the new generations through the skin of AGO Modena Fabbriche Culturali.

Come and See is an “on the road” photographic exhibition that aims to tell the story of the evolution of the architectural complex of the former Sant’Agostino hospital and enhance the identity of a city space in a moment of great transformation. The large format photographs are placed side by side, creating an urban installation over 70 meters long on the facade of the building.


Save Your Selfie, Davide Guagliumi, #03, 2024