Forbidden Enigma

Secrets and eroticism in Pietro Giannone's encrypted poem

  • DATE
    February 10 – June 23, 2024
    Civic Museum of Modena
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An encrypted manuscript from the collections of the Modena Risorgimento belongs to the Civic Museum of Modena. It was written by the poet and patriot Pietro Giannone, a political exile in contact with Mazzini who spent his life for Italian Unity and Independence.

Remained inviolate for over 140 years, the encrypted text was decoded with the use of a particular and elaborate software.

Surprisingly, the poem revealed not a secret history of the Risorgimento but an erotic-libertine, highly licentious content.

From Saturday 10 February 2024 the Civic Museum will exhibit the encrypted code and other materials relating to the author. A video installation and a multimedia station will also allow you to discover the world of cryptography and experiment with encrypted code.