Campori Gallery in 3D

At the Civic Museum of Modena there is a room dedicated to the collection of the Marquis Matteo Campori, donated to the Municipality in 1929. The Gallery, originally located in the family palace in via Ganaceto in Modena, is was virtually rebuilt.


The 3D reconstruction allows you to admire it in its ancient splendor, as it appeared before the air raid in 1944 which caused its partial destruction.


The video, the result of careful historical research, restores the original warm and welcoming atmosphere, due to the orderly arrangement of the works and the lighting provided by large skylights. These aspects are emphasized in the film, which includes excerpts from the famous opera “Cavalleria rusticana” by Pietro Mascagni, guest of Matteo Campori in 1932.


A curiosity: the majestic statue of Perseus, which once dominated the grand staircase, is today located in the courtyard of the Town Hall. Project curated by Cristina Stefani and Stefano Bulgarelli, Civic Museum of Modena.

Creation and animation Alex Lomarco 3D Artis.