Immersive Path

  • DATE
    May 11, 2024
    Modena | Palace of Museums
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The new immersive path that will welcome visitors to the Palazzo dei Musei from 11 May is a “door” between the present and the past.

On the ground floor of the Palace, also reachable from the new entrance on Viale Vittorio Veneto, the new space, under the city motto “Avia Pervia”, takes visitors on an emotional journey through the history of the city through visions, meetings and stories. A place that is both real and virtual and an introduction to the precious collections preserved in the Palace.

Soon, a new immersive experience will be available to citizens and tourists.
A visual, audio, interactive, engaging and highly evocative journey will introduce visitors to the discovery of the museum and archival heritage kept inside the Palazzo dei Musei of Modena.

A short journey into the history of the Palace and its collections, which tells and intertwines past, present and future through images, voices, video mapping and touch panels.