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Museo Civico di Modena


The Civic Museum of Modena expresses and represents the identity of Modena and its community in the exhibition rooms located at the Palazzo dei Musei and through the heritage spread throughout the city and the territory. Thanks to the technologies and languages of Media Arts, it identifies new ways of enjoying the heritage it preserves and promotes to convey cultural content through experiences, installations and immersive methods.


  • DeVoti Etruschi
    The display in the Archeology Hall refers to nineteenth-century museology, intertwining it with contemporary elements to showcase the devotional objects of the collection.
    An evocative video mapping restores to the faces of the bidders the chromatism identified in the analyzes carried out by the DI.AR Laboratory with the most advanced multispectral techniques, carried out for the first time on Etruscan votive terracottas, and is part of that relationship between culture, art and digital which led Modena to become a UNESCO Creative City for Media Arts.